Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Flooring Solutions

Feature -homeAs a leading provider of high performance acoustic underlays, raised acoustic flooring and sprung sports and leisure floors for over 25 years, we continue to develop, supply and support high quality and environmentally responsible products for specific flooring applications.

The majority of our high performance product ranges are manufactured using recycled rubber crumb obtained from used truck and car tyres. As well as being environmentally friendly, these innovative and durable products provide exceptional cushioning and underfoot comfort, superior acoustic properties and excellent impact energy absorption.

Each product has been carefully selected, designed and manufactured to ensure that outstanding cost-effective results are obtained for all required applications.

A range of environmentally friendly acoustic underlays, incorporating an innovative, time and money saving self-adhesive installation system, suitable for use under most LVTs, wood, carpet tiles, carpets and ceramic tile floors.

A range of recycled rubber flooring cradles, packers and base packers used in the construction of high performance acoustic floors that can be easily levelled on site.

Versatile, high performance, sprung floors for all indoor sports flooring, dance floors and leisure activities.

Available in a striking range of colours and finishes, InstaStop is an exciting new generation of practical and stylish contemporary non-slip door stops for all floor finishes.