Can you loose lay InstaLay ‘Peel & Stick’ acoustic underlay when fitting LVTs?

The question has been asked many times and InstaFloor decided to find out by putting their new acoustic ‘Peel & Stick’ underlay to the test.

At the Stag on the River pub in Eashing near Guildford, the InstaLay 30hg (3mm high grab) acoustic underlay was loose laid to the sub floor with a square edge LVT installed above.

All that was required, apart from the underlay and LVT, was a pencil, sharp knife and a tape measure.

The short video demonstration shows how quick and easy it is to install the LVT on the InstaLay ‘Peel & Stick’ system.

As you can see, the LVTs are easily secured in position to the adhesive membrane using a light pressure which enables easy repositioning if required. When the installer is happy with the position of each LVT plank, firmer pressure can be applied to bond the LVT firmly to the underlay.

Because the underlay is loose laid, some ripples may appear in the InstaLay. These dissipate as soon as the LVTs are placed on top, resulting in a smooth and perfect finish.

This test installation demonstrated how quick, clean and easy the InstaLay ‘Peel & Stick’ system is to use, making the whole process an incredibly fitter-friendly installation.

The incredible thing about this fitting is that the whole floor was installed without using any adhesive.

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