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Shaun Smith of InstaFloor compares old and new methods of flooring installation, highlighting the time and money savings from revolutionary new products.

When I first started in the flooring industry everything seemed time consuming. Sub-floors often needed a lot of work before they were ready to use and then you’d have to get the wet adhesive down and wait for it to be ready to stick to. If you waited too long, or gave it too much ‘open time’, then it wouldn’t work and you’d have to start again.

Any problems laying the LVTs would lead to a round of denial, with the LVT manufacturer blaming the adhesive or the fitter and vice versa.

Even if the adhesive was applied correctly and you laid the LVT floor in time, the client would still have to wait many hours for the adhesive to gain full bond.

Now InstaFloor have introduced InstaLay – a simple self-adhesive acoustic underlay – we can loose-lay the underlay and fit the LVTs without wet adhesive. There’s no need to clock watch or give it open time, just lay the flooring directly over the underlay.

The floor is ready as soon as the LVTs are in position. I can finish a new floor in a few hours and the client can be walking, or placing furniture on it, the same day.

People who are new to the industry will probably take this technology for granted in a few years, just like we all do with sellotape now. But InstaLay is a revolutionary product that has already saved us hundreds of hours.

You can see how easy it is in our new installation video, which demonstrates exactly how innovative our acoustic underlay really is.

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