Keep the Children smiling!

Children and staff at White Rock Primary School in Paignton, Devon, have given a big ‘thumbs up’ to the new floor which has been installed in their school hall. It is a high performance cushioned floor, so the children now enjoy their sports and dance activities far more and will sit still for longer during assemblies due to the improved comfort.

The hall is in almost constant use throughout the day for assembly, PE and dance classes, school lunches and other activities. So, when it needed upgrading both the flooring and its underlay needed to be durable and long lasting while also providing underfoot comfort and improved acoustics.

To satisfy all these requirements InstaLay 30lg self-adhesive underlay was specified by distributor Home Foundations (part of the Headlam Group) for use with the LVT click flooring. InstaLay’s low grab adhesive provided a tackifier bond that enhanced the click LVT joints and reduced the risk of header joints opening up due to expansion over the hall’s large floor area.

InstaLay offered various benefits as it:-

  • Provided a cushion floor, with its rubber crumb composition, suitable for sports activities.
  • Enhanced the click joints by giving low grab adhesion to the LVTs.
  • Improved acoustic performance within the hall and reduced noise levels.
  • Ensured a more comfortable, warmer floor with its anti-fatigue characteristics.

The InstaLay was simply loose laid over the chipboard sub-floor and, as the protective sheet was peeled back, the LVTs were positioned and held in place with the low grab adhesive membrane securing the tiles and enhancing their click joints.

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