New wood floor feels luxurious, just like a fully bonded installation

After researching different underlays and flooring installation methods on the internet, a private homeowner in Wokingham chose InstaLay when having a new 16mm engineered wood floor installed – and was delighted with the results.

He wanted a floor that felt like a fully glued down installation but wished to avoid the cost and sub-floor preparations that this would have involved. The sub-floor was not in perfect condition but the thicker InstaLay 50hg minimised sub-floor preparation work and costs.

InstaLay, with its self-adhesive membrane, bonded to the entire underside of the wood floor which, coupled with its rubber crumb construction, provided the solid feel of a fully bonded installation. It also offered high levels of acoustic performance and had the added benefit of raising the floor to match the level of adjoining rooms.

The installation was quite awkward as the new wood floor adjoined four other rooms and also ran into an under stairs cupboard. However, the contractors, who had never previously worked with InstaLay, managed to complete the whole 30m2 installation in just one day. This impressed both the contractors and the homeowner, whose inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

Using InstaLay provided various benefits:
  • Being loose laid, it was very quick to install.
  • Its unique self-adhesive construction considerably reduced sub-floor preparation and installation times.
  • The new floor could be walked on immediately after installation.
  • It is environmentally friendly, hygienic and long lasting.
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