North American customer videos a rapid LVT installation using InstaLay

InstaLay’s innovative self-adhesive underlay has found favour in the USA for its quick and easy installation under LVT flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tiles).

A video is available displaying the benefits of this new underlay system in an installation by one of our customers in North America.

The InstaLay high-performance underlay was loose laid, with no bonding to the sub-floor and the LVT square edged system was rapidly installed above. The release film was removed in stages to expose InstaLay’s adhesive membrane. The LVTs were then positioned and each vinyl plank was secured in place. The InstaLay ‘Peel & Stick’ system offers numerous benefits over traditional LVT fitting. The product’s long list of virtues includes:

  • No drying time as InstaLay is self-adhesive
  • It can be used with LVT planks and tiles (and most other floor coverings)
  • It can be loose laid so it’s ideal for rented properties or floors that need to be restored
  • Often no need for sub-floor preparations
  • Its adhesive bond strengthens with downward pressure

Paul Robson, Director of InstaFloor commented, “The ‘Peel & Stick’ system is a revolutionary eco-acoustic underlay that saves time and money for installers. Our American customer’s video does a superb job of showing off some of the many benefits of our systems and we’re flattered to be featured.”

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