Spreading the word in South Africa

The reaction from everybody here was extremely positive. Once they see InstaLay in action they can appreciate just how easy to use and versatile it is.

That was the reaction of Duonne Erasmus, Managing Director of InstaFloor SA, having just conducted an InstaLay Product Knowledge training session in Cape Town for the sales team of Van Dyck and some of their clients.

Van Dyck, with over 50 years of expertise in carpets and other flooring products, manufactures InstaLay under licence and is also undertaking the sales operations throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Added Duonne, “this follows the successful South African launch of InstaLay in July when we undertook a two week roadshow across the country, taking in seven major cities and meeting many of the people who will be buying and using InstaLay. As with those events, today’s training session was very beneficial and produced some excellent feedback.”

InstaLay is a high performance acoustic underlay that offers many advantages, as a result it appeals to those who are selling it, installing it and using it. Consequently, we anticipate South Africa becoming the next region of the globe that embraces InstaLay and its many benefits to become the first choice underlay.

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