Using InstaLay ensures fitness studio experiences no down time


South Kensington, London

Product Used

InstaLay 30hg (high grab adhesive) 150 m2

Floor Finish

14mm click system bamboo floor


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The yoga studio at the prestigious Equinox Fitness Club in South Kensington, London, was having its flooring upgraded and wanted a rapid installation to minimise disruption to the Club’s activities.

Housed on the 5th floor of the art deco Derry & Toms building, once home to the Biba fashion store, Equinox is located directly above Warner Music, which regularly complained about the levels of impact sound coming from the floor above.

InstaLay 30hg was the ideal choice to install the new bamboo flooring as it enhances the click joints, by supporting and strengthening them, while also overcoming potential problems. Being loose laid, InstaLay minimised sub-floor preparations and significantly speeded up installation of the floor. As the release film was removed, the bamboo planks were simply placed in position and secured by InstaLay’s self-adhesive membrane.

The new flooring could be walked on immediately after installation, which was a great advantage, so the whole job was completed overnight and the studio could be used again the next day.

Additional benefits of InstaLay on this project were:

  • The floor could be used immediately ensuring no studio down time, which was very important to Equinox.
  • Its rubber crumb construction provides excellent long term acoustic performance, greatly reducing impact sound.
  • It reduces reflected walking sound, making the studio a quieter and more pleasant environment.
  • It provides a durable, stable, long-lasting, high performance installation.

The owners were very pleased with the speed of installation, the look of the finished floor and the improved underfoot comfort that it provided.