Impressive new flooring rapidly installed in hotel reception area



Product Used

InstaLay 25hg
(high grab adhesive)

Floor Finish

Podium XXL LVTs
3mm x 228mm x 1828mm


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In Leeds, The Roomzzz Hotel, part of a small but growing chain of boutique hotels, required new flooring in the reception area. This could have posed significant installation problems as the existing flooring consisted of marble, wood and stone in different areas and there was just a seven hour overnight window during which all work had to be completed.

InstaLay provided the ideal solution as it was the only system that would enable installation to take place in such a short time frame. After minimal preparation, the InstaLay was simply loose laid over the varying sub-floors. This allowed a fast, clean and easy installation without the need for wet adhesives. The new LVTs were rapidly installed using InstaLay’s selfadhesive system and locked into position by applying pressure.

Furthermore InstaLay, with its rubber-crumb construction, achieved an improvement in impact sound transmission that provided exceptional acoustic performance (17dB); an important factor in a quality hotel environment.

InstaLay also provided various other benefits:

  • Its unique self-adhesive construction considerably reduced installation time and overall costs.
  • Being loose laid, it was quick to install and will not cause damage to the existing sub-floor or floor finish.
  • The floor could be walked on immediately after installing the LVTs.
  • It provides warm, comfortable anti-fatigue flooring.
  • It is environmentally friendly, hygienic and long lasting.

The finished result was a high quality finished floor that was visually impressive as well as providing excellent underfoot comfort and feel.