High quality sprung sports floor meets tight contract schedule



Product Used

InstaSport SP21 with Weitzer Parkett engineered hardwood sports finish – 210m2


Beard Construction and Weitzer Parkett

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This project at Uxbridge College, Middlesex, involved demolishing parts of an existing building and extending it to house a new reception area, refectory and offices with two new dance studios above them on the first floor.

The InstaSport SP21 sprung sports floor was chosen for its durable performance, delivered by a cradle undercarriage and high quality low maintenance Weitzer Parkett Trend Sport Oak flooring. In addition, its accurate on-site levelling capabilities meant it could be installed over an uneven concrete sub-floor.

The InstaSport system uses special cradles manufactured from recycled rubber crumb that provide a durable sprung undercarriage and are guaranteed for 60 years. This project recycled 68 car tyres or 10 truck tyres. The system can be adjusted to any required height, making it very versatile and allowing the contractor to ensure that the system marries with all adjoining areas of the building without any complications.

Being a dry, lightweight system, once the 45mm high InstaSport SP21 sprung undercarriage had been installed, it could be immediately overlaid with the 21mm engineered hardwood sports floor finish without having to wait for levelling screeds to dry.

The InstaSport floor provided various other benefits:

  • Complies with EN 14904
  • Undercarriage system guaranteed for 60 years
  • Achieves Combined-Elastic standard
  • Suitable for uneven sub-floor constructions
  • Shock absorption helps avoid injury and fatigue
  • Incorporates Weitzer Parkett high quality sports boards with very low life cycle maintenance costs