Ezy-Install wins 2020 Flooring Innovation Gold

Ezy-Install – The unique acoustic roll down magnetic installation system with dual bond fixing strength wins the ‘best of the best’ in the 2020 Flooring Innovation Awards Underlay category. 

In collaboration with IOBAC, InstaFloor were very proud to hear that Ezy-Install had won the prestigious Gold Winner in the category of Underlay from the National Flooring Innovation Awards. The Awards recognise products that are genuinely new, exciting and innovative in the UK flooring industry. An independent panel of judges made up of independent flooring industry leaders and commentators select the best products and decide the winners. To receive the Gold award illustrates how Ezy-Install has pushed the boundaries of flooring technologies and delivered to the market a new smart way to install floor coverings in both the commercial and residential sectors.  

Over the past few years the flooring industry has been moving away from installation processes that require high levels of subfloor preparation and traditional wet adhesives. This market shift is in response to the high labour and material costs involved in subfloor preparations, moisture mitigation treatments, messy traditional adhesives and the need for environmentally friendly installation processes allowing floor coverings to be easily recycled. Single use plastic materials are now being avoided and there is a growing requirement for easy recycling of these flooring products. Vinyl tiles, when installed in the traditional way with adhesives, cannot easily be uplifted and recycled because of contamination by adhesive residue and floor levelling compounds. Ezy-Install provides one of the best options for moving away from traditional adhesives, reducing subfloor preparations, dealing with moisture mitigation, and allowing easy recycling. 

For further information on the Ezy-Install product please click here

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