Fully upgraded InstaFloor NA Training Room showcases its flooring products and stages its first training session

In mid-August, InstaFloor NA undertook the remodeling and upgrading of the Training Room at its Dallas headquarters. The walls were painted a very light grey, using a water-based lead-free paint, while on the floor they naturally used their own products.

The old carpet was removed and the sub-floor prepared, with any damaged areas being repaired, to create a level substrate. Plain InstaLay 25, made from recycled vehicle tires, was then glued down with XL Brand 2230 adhesive over the entire floor and the joints feather finished. The InstaLay would greatly improve the underfoot comfort as well as providing enhanced acoustic performance by reducing reflected walking sound.

Next, CLL, the revolutionary liquid applied true linoleum, successfully launched by InstaFloor on the American market earlier this year, was poured over the InstaLay. Environmentally friendly CLL, made from a blend of sustainable natural products, is a seamless, self-levelling, resilient floor covering that produces a smooth, natural looking floor free from seams and welding. It took only one hour to apply CLL, in the chosen earth tone color, to the 800sq.ft. floor.

When cured, ‘InstaLay’ and ‘CLL’ decals were applied to the floor, which also had a transparent Perspex plate fitted through which the InstaLay 25 could be seen under the floor. To finish the floor, a Protectshield transparent matt topcoat was applied in just 30 minutes.

The refurbished Training Room is a significant improvement and was fully kitted out ready to hold an advanced training session for distributors and installers the following day. They were also able to take part in practical hands-on sessions for installing both InstaLay and CLL in the adjacent warehouse.

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