Major tax benefits with InstaLay floating floors

Along with its many practical benefits, as the InstaLay flooring installation system is generally loose laid, it produces a floating floor which offers a major financial advantage in that it can be depreciated in just 5 or 7 years, depending on the industry. This provides American businesses with some significant tax benefits when compared to fully glued down floors, which can only be written off in 39 years.

Details of the depreciation benefits associated with floors that use a floating installation technique are to be found in IRS publications 527 and 946. These state that if the floor is not a solid part of the area into which it is installed, as with a full glue down method, and can be picked up, then it may be written off in just 5 or 7 years.

These depreciation benefits were an important consideration for Henson’s Country Foods, a supermarket in Minong, Wisconsin, when it decided to have new flooring throughout the store. It was also important that the installation could be undertaken without any closures or loss of trading time.

Working only at night the flooring was renewed in sections. Units were moved, the InstaLay was loose laid over the existing flooring and 13,000 sq ft of Legend LVTs, supplied by Jaeckle, were installed.

As InstaLay needs no messy wet adhesives or open time delays, installation was very quick and easy and the new floor could be walked on immediately, enabling the store to open as normal each day.

The owner was very pleased with the look and feel of the new flooring, which was installed without any major disruption or having to close the store, while also providing the tax benefits of a floating floor.

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