Recycled InstaLay produces high quality flooring in new London offices

Unity, the global software company and developer of the world’s most popular 3D game engine, has recently opened impressive new London offices. 

They wanted the premises to showcase their products and solutions in a virtual reality environment and emphasised the need for sustainable materials, ethically sourced and made from recycled products.

As a result, environmentally friendly InstaLay, made using recycled rubber crumb from worn vehicle tyres, was specified throughout. It was supplied by specialist hardwood flooring manufacturer, Ted Todd, to install their 20mm bespoke herringbone blocks. Ted Todd offer InstaLay under their own private label of Universal Bond.

As well as being a recycled, and fully recyclable, product, Universal Bond was chosen because it could be loose laid over the raised access sub-floor, causing no adhesive contamination while also providing a clean, easy uplift in the future, with no damage to the sub-floor. Normally the herringbone design wood floor would have been bonded directly to the sub-floor but with Universal Bond the wood was simply positioned and pressed into position on the adhesive layer.

This clean installation process was quicker and more economical, creating a fully bonded floor system with good acoustic performance that reduces impact sound being transmitted into the sub-structure.

InstaLay / Universal Bond provided various important benefits:

  • Easy installation saving significant time and money
  • Loose laid over raised access flooring, causing no damage and allowing easy future lifting
  • Quick, clean installation, with no messy wet adhesives, which could be walked on immediately
  • Provides good acoustic performance and underfoot comfort
  • It is hygienic, resistant to decay with low VOC’s for a healthy environment
  • Long term stability, performance and durability
  • Made using rubber crumb from worn vehicle tyres, it is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
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