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InstaLay provides superior cushioned retail flooring for comfort and safety

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When Clarks International replaced the floor at its flagship shoe store at Clarks Village, Street, Somerset, they required superior cushioned flooring in the children’s fitting area. In addition, the carpet tiles in this area often get soiled and need to be replaced quickly and easily.

To avoid the extended lead times and restricted choice associated with cushion-backed carpet tiles, Clarks chose to have InstaLay 50lg (5mm low grab) self-adhesive acoustic underlay installed beneath regular Interface ‘Transformation’ carpet tiles, as it offered several important benefits.

InstaLay advantages

  • Created a safe and welcoming environment for the children.
  • Its anti-fatigue characteristics provide greater comfort for shop staff who spend much of the day on their knees undertaking fittings.
  • Manufactured from rubber crumb from recycled vehicle tyres, it is environmentally friendly and fully ‘cradle to cradle’ recyclable.
  • Rapidly loose laid over the existing sub-floor.
  • Enabled a quick, clean installation without the need for any wet adhesives.
  • Avoided the extended lead times associated with cushion-backed carpet tiles and provided a fast installation program.
  • Greater flexibility of choice as InstaLay transforms any standard carpet tile into a cushioned flooring system.
  • InstaLay’s low grab adhesive allows tiles to be lifted and replaced easily.
  • Very durable and does not collapse or degrade over time.

Clarks has been so impressed by the performance and comfort of InstaLay that 14 further stores, both at home and overseas, have now had new carpet tile flooring installed using self-adhesive InstaLay acoustic, cushioned underlay.

For more details call +44 (0)118 973 9560 or visit www.instafloor.co.uk