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New arts college sports hall has a high quality floor with underfloor heating

At the new Kingswood Arts College in Hull, the sports hall specification called for a high performance raised floor system that could be height adjusted and levelled on site, due to the very uneven concrete sub-floor, and also accommodate an underfloor heating system within a service void.

The chosen floor was an InstaSport SP22/43 cradle and batten undercarriage system, from InstaFloor, together with the Herculan MF 5 + 2 (7mm) seamless, eco-friendly, polyurethane sports surface. Together they produced a high quality Combined-Elastic (Type C4) impact energy absorbing sports floor system which complies with EN 14904 (Shock Absorption: 64%; Vertical Deformation: 3.1mm; Basketball Rebound: 92%) and BS 6399: Part 1.

Once the DPM was laid, the InstaSport rubber crumb sports cradles were set out and laser levelled to ensure a completely level finished surface. Timber battens were positioned and the system was adjusted to create an overall finished floor height of 150mm. This service void accommodated an underfloor heating system fitted between the cradles and battens, and the floor also included anchor point sockets for individual removable posts and stanchions for sports such as netball and badminton.

As well as a fast, clean, high quality installation, the InstaSport system provides a range of benefits:

  • Cost-effective and easy to install adjustable system
  • No structural sub-floor preparation
  • Complies with EN 14904 and BS 6399: Part 1
  • High performance Combined-Elastic (Type C4) floor
  • Shock absorption helps avoid injury and fatigue
  • Sports cradles have a 60 year guarantee
  • Accommodates underfloor heating in the service void
  • Can include access hatches and fittings


For more details call +44 (0)118 973 9560 or visit www.instafloor.co.uk/products/instasport.aspx