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Hotel upgrade uses InstaLay under Weitzer Parkett engineered parquet floors

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During a major refurbishment of the Grade II listed Magdalen Chapter Hotel in Exeter, the latest addition to the Chapter Hotels chain, InstaLay proved to be both the most effective and economical acoustic underlay to use beneath the new parquet wood floors installed in all the bedrooms and the spa area.

The upgrading involved a value engineering process to save cost without sacrificing quality or performance. InstaLay proved to be more cost-effective than the originally specified underlay, while also providing an increased acoustic performance of 23dB ∆Lw for impact sound.

The 1,300m2 of InstaLay 30hg (3mm high grab) were loose laid to the sub-floor and, as the release film was peeled back to reveal its adhesive membrane, the Weitzer Parkett engineered oak boards and solid oak blocks were positioned and pressed into place.

The InstaLay self-adhesive underlay provided various additional benefits:-

  • Very fitter-friendly – quick, clean and easy to work with.
  • Required no wet adhesives or open times.
  • Its recycled rubber crumb composition masked any sub-floor imperfections.
  • It provided the high quality parquet wood flooring with superior acoustic performance.
  • A durable hard wearing underlay; it will not collapse or degrade during the life of the floor.

Throughout all bedrooms Weitzer Parkett WIP-550 floors (11 x 65 x 500mm) were installed in Herringbone style while the Spa had Weitzer Parkett WP-Classic (21 x 60 x 500mm) installed in a Lamella pattern. The completed installations provided the Magdalen Chapter with high quality and long lasting parquet flooring that is both visually impressive and gives outstanding performance.

For more details call +44 (0)118 973 9560 or visit www.instafloor.co.uk