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When The Royal Foresters public house and restaurant in Ascot closed in 2015 many locals feared that it would be lost for good. However, after being bought by Oakman Inns, this 140 year old property has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment and redesign, both internally and externally, and reopened this summer.

In addition to a new glazed extension, landscaped terrace and beer garden, it is now a 24 room hotel with upgraded restaurant, kitchen and a fully restored original bar area where InstaCoustic C40 cradle and batten flooring has been installed.

The original sub-floor was very uneven and the new raised acoustic flooring could be adjusted on site to overcome these variations and create a completely level floor, without the need for any messy and time consuming wet screeds.

The primary components of the C40 system are its environmentally friendly rubber crumb cradles, made from recycled vehicle tyres, which are simply placed on the floor in a grid pattern and the wood battens placed in them. Their height can then be adjusted, by laser levelling and the use of cradle and base packers, to achieve an even floor of the desired height. Once overlaid with chipboard or plywood, it will accept most floor coverings.

InstaCoustic cradle & batten flooring provides a variety of benefits:

  • Fast, simple and cost-effective to install
  • No screeds or drying times needed
  • Ideal for overcoming uneven sub-floors
  • On-site levelling capabilities and floor height adjustment
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • System provides a void for underfloor services
  • Durable, long lasting, no maintenance
  • Cradles are made from recycled rubber crumb
  • Rubber crumb cradles are guaranteed for 60 years

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