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Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Modesto, CA, a private academy offering allied-health and nursing training programs, required new flooring throughout its facility. CLL, the high performance, seamless and durable liquid lino was specified and 6,000 sq.ft. (557m2) was applied in just two days.

Prior to the installation Amparan Flooring Inc. carried out sub-floor preparation using Ardex K-15 self-levelling concrete and on the first morning sanded and primed the floor. Following this a team of eight installers, made up from Amparan and InstaFloor personnel, applied the 80 x five gallon buckets of CLL, supplied by InstaFloor distributor B R Funsten & Tom Duffy Co., to which the chosen color pigment had already been added.

The liquid lino was left to cure overnight and next morning the Protecshield transparent matt topcoat finish was poured and spread over the CLL, using micro-fiber rollers, in just three hours. All work was completed over a weekend, so as not to disrupt class schedules at the Academy.

The finished, smooth, seamless floor looked impressive and could be used immediately. Made from a blend of sustainable natural products, CLL is environmentally friendly and Red List Free, combining resins, linseed oil, cork, wood-flour and limestone and, using natural pigments, is available in 54 colors.

CLL provides various benefits:

  • Containing no harmful materials, CLL has the best Declare List certification and is Red List Free.
  • It is hygienic, resistant to decay, VOC and PVC free and has no plasticizers, formaldehyde, chlorineor heavy metals.
  • Its seamless finish removes the weak points of traditional sheet linoleum or sheet vinyl, where damage can occur.
  • It is extremely durable and hard wearing, making it ideal for commercial and educational establishments with high levels of foot traffic.
  • Manufactured from sustainable natural products, it is environmentally friendly.

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