Acoustic Subfloors

Our acoustic subfloor systems are quick to install and easily levelled onsite. They are installed all over the world.

100% recycled, 100% effective

Our acoustic subfloors are available as two different systems. Each is designed for different applications.

InstaCradle is our specialised acoustic subfloor for commercial gyms, and EcoCradle is our acoustic system for use with outside decking. Easy to install and proven to reduce sound impact, both systems support reduced environmental impact through using recycled materials.

Our acoustic subfloors are an effective solution for gyms and exercise spaces that share buildings with residential, business and retail units. See some of our case studies.


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How does InstaCradle work?

Our acoustic subfloors for commercial gyms and health clubs provide a cost-effective solution for isolating the low frequency noise of exercise environments. InstaCradle is designed to reduce both impact and airborne sound, and will absorb the impact shocks of free weights.

InstaCradle systems are quick to install. There’s no need for concrete screeds, and no waiting for additional contractors or drying times. The rubber cradles are loose laid and do not require fixing to the subfloor. Any issues with uneven floor surfaces can be tackled easily and accurately onsite with interlocking cradle packers.

Our acoustic subfloors for gyms are tried and tested for effectively reducing the airborne and impact sound caused by exercise equipment and work-outs. InstaCradle is the ideal solution for commercial gyms that operate alongside workspaces and residential settings.


Instafloor Freeweight Gym Flooring


  • Cradles are loose laid and do not require fixing to subfloor
  • Cradle subfloor is suitable for high load areas in gyms with free weights
  • Creates service void for electrical connection to equipment
  • No need for concrete screeds, no drying times, no contractor delays
  • Can be used with a range of floor finishes including proprietary sports wood, rubber gym flooring, vinyl sheet flooring and LVTs.
Instafloor rubber cradles

What makes our acoustic subfloor for gyms different?

  • Easily adjustable onsite to suit different floor heights
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Minimises structural loading as no concrete is used
  • Exceeds Building Regulations for airborne sound and impact sound insulation
  • Raised system ideal for installing underfloor heating
  • Patented rubber product with a 60-year guarantee

How does EcoCradle work?

EcoCradle is our specialised acoustic subfloor system designed for use with outside timber decking. Simple to level and adjust onsite, it’s ideal for decking on balconies or flat roofs where sound transmission can be an issue.

eco decking


  • Unique rubber cradle provides excellent acoustic insulation from impact sound
  • A suitable support batten is simply inserted loose into the positioned cradles: the chosen decking material, such as wood or composite planks, are fixed directly to each batten
  • Installation causes no damage to existing sub-surfaces such as a flat roof
  • Use traditional clips and fixing brackets to secure decking boards
  • Fully adjustable with 2mm and 5mm cradle packers and 10mm and 30mm interlocking base packers for more difficult areas
InstaFloor eco decking
InstaCradle eco decking

What makes Ecocradle different?

  • Achieves a completely level surface for timber decking; easily solves any issues with uneven outdoor areas
  • Unique recycled rubber components have none of the annoying creaks and squeaks of plastic cradles
  • Hard wearing, durable and water resistant, our outdoor acoustic flooring system doesn’t become brittle in cold weather
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective to install – see our video
  • Delivers superior acoustic results with shock-absorbing properties for balconies and flat roof applications
  • Designed for longevity and recyclability
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
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