Gym Flooring

Gym flooring and fitness flooring for wherever people workout, lift weights or exercise.

Specialist flooring solutions for gyms and fitness studios.

Gym flooring from InstaFloor provides a range of systems for different purposes, from yoga and exercise studios to Olympic standard weightlifting areas.

Our robust and hardwearing products include rubber gym mats, weight mats and acoustic subfloors. Our systems are installed for use in commercial gyms, sports clubs and home gyms.

InstaFloor’s gym floor systems can be designed to tackle high impact areas used for weightlifting and exercise machines, and enhance the visual appeal and safety of workout facilities and fitness studios. All of our flooring for gyms is environmentally-friendly and manufactured from high quality recycled rubber crumb.

We frequently work with developers and property owners who are creating gyms in a residential or commercial building. See our case study for Blackfriars in London.

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How does our gym flooring work?

Gyms often need several different flooring solutions to suit the various activities taking place. Through our professional flooring partners we can deliver the most effective floor design.

Commercial Gym
  • Our acoustic subfloor systems for gyms reduce and prevent the low frequency impact sound issues common to gym activity, which can transfer into the building structure and cause noise complaints
  • Our specialised rubber cradle gym subfloor systems are designed to deliver acoustic isolation, reducing the impact noise and vibration of gym equipment
  • Effective for gyms situated in residential apartment blocks and commercial buildings
  • High quality recycled rubber matting provides a durable layer to prevent damage to the subfloor from free weights, create a safe exercise platform, and provide acoustic isolation and shock absorption
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the exercise space
InstaFloor rubber gym flooring
InstaFloor gym flooring

What makes our gym flooring different?

  • InstaFloor’s robust products can deal with weights of Olympic standard and tackle the higher impacts associated with power racks
  • Provide effective acoustic isolation while protecting the floor from damage
  • Will stand up to the high traffic and constant use of commercial gyms
  • Our systems are designed to meet the acoustic requirements of each individual project and application
  • We use quality recycled rubber to deliver a sustainable solution
  • All systems are backed up by extensive acoustic testing
  • InstaFloor has many years of experience and can provide tried and tested flooring systems
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