Magnetic Flooring – the future of flooring with Ezy-Install

Our magnetic flooring systems Ezy-Install® and MagnaLay® are unique. With no wet adhesives, no contamination and no drying time, our magnetic underlays are the future of flooring. Award-winning Ezy-Install incorporates powerful dual-bond resin technology for maximum resilience.

Delivers double the grip

Magnetic flooring system Ezy-Install was developed in collaboration with technology company IOBAC. Our unique magnetic underlay is twice as smart as others on the market, as it combines IOBAC’s intelligent dry tack adhesion with magnetic force, effectively doubling the attraction between the underlay and the floor covering.

This extra resilience makes the Ezy-Install system ideal for commercial applications where other magnetic underlays may struggle to perform.

Take a look at some of our Ezy-Install case studies.

To find out more about the advantages of magnetic flooring systems and the applications recommended for Ezy-Install and MagnaLay, please get in touch or call us on 0118 932 8811.

How does our magnetic flooring work?

Award-winning magnetic flooring Ezy-Install makes installing a new floor quick, clean and easy. A simple roll-down installation cuts downtime to a minimum, while the unique dual grip delivers maximum durability and strength in areas of high foot traffic.

MagnaLay is recommended for solid wood floor installations. To find out more get in touch.

  • An innovation in magnetic flooring systems: fast and clean to install
  • Dry laid system can be installed over a new or existing floor, reducing subfloor preparations and cutting labour and material costs
  • Ezy-Install acoustic underlay incorporates IOBAC patented resin technology to create a strong magnetically receptive base with additional dry tack adhesion
  • Magnetic-backed tiles or planks are simply installed on top of Ezy-Install, or standard carpet and loose-lay vinyl tiles can be attached using MagTabs
  • Secure and durable for use in retail, hospitality, leisure, workspaces and residential or student accommodation
  • No drying or waiting times: new floors can be used without delay
  • Partners with a wide range of floor coverings including luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, engineered wood flooring and carpet tiles
  • No need for specialist contractors when repair, maintenance or design change is required. Tiles can be removed, undamaged, in a matter of seconds with no waste and no mess
ezy-install magnetic flooring
ezy-install magnetic flooring
IOBAC MagTabs magnetic flooring
IOBAC MagTabs magnetic flooring

What makes our magnetic flooring different?

  • Developed in professional partnership with IOBAC technology, Ezy-Install’s unique dual bond technology offers maximum strength by adding dry tack adhesion to magnetic force
  • Superior sheer and peel strength over standard magnetic systems
  • Made with recycled materials, no need for wet adhesives – supports reduced environmental impact
  • Easy lift and no glue contamination makes recycling floor coverings easier
  • Creates an effective barrier against moisture, is naturally anti-microbial and anti-allergy