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Our unique self-adhesive acoustic underlay is transforming the way floors are installed. InstaLay makes installation quick, clean and easy, and gives you a floor that’s immediately ready to walk on.

InstaLay – the flooring revolution starts here

Our unique self-adhesive acoustic underlay removes the need for expensive and messy subfloor preparation, and means no more contaminating, wet adhesives. You can install and complete floors in a fraction of the time compared to old installation methods.

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How does InstaLay work?

Our self-adhesive acoustic underlay InstaLay is transforming the way floors are installed.

InstaLay integrates our high performing acoustic underlay with a high grab dry adhesive. The unique self-adhesive layer means no drying time and minimum downtime for residential and commercial properties, making InstaLay the ideal solution for areas in constant use. The adhesive we use is pressure sensitive, so foot traffic on the floor actually improves the initial bond.

Our self-adhesive underlay saves time and cost, as InstaLay can be loose laid directly over existing flooring with no need to uplift floors or repair subfloors before installation. Dry adhesive makes the future lifting of flooring easier too, supporting recyclability.

  • The release film is peeled back and new flooring can be positioned and pressed directly onto InstaLay
  • Available with high-grab adhesive for permanent bonding, or low-grab for easy future lifting
  • Partners with solid, engineered and laminate wood floors, LVTs, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, carpet tiles and carpets
  • Use with unique floor coverings from Innov8floors to deliver a compete flooring solution
  • Ideal for private homes and housing with multiple occupants as well as hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and leisure applications
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self-adhesive underlay - herringbone

What makes our self-adhesive underlay different?

  • Faster installation, less downtime
  • Reduces impact sound between 17dB and 26dB depending on the product used
  • Low thermal resistance makes InstaLay perfect for use with underfloor heating systems
  • The dry adhesive bond avoids expensive moisture mitigation treatments to the subfloor
  • Immediately improves the underfoot comfort and stability of flooring, making cold, hard and ‘unfriendly’ surfaces warmer and more cushioned
  • Makes future floor repairs faster and less intrusive
  • Environmentally-friendly and long-lasting
  • Durable with 100% rebound: our underlay will not deteriorate or collapse over time, even with high foot fall.
  • Naturally anti-microbial, anti-allergenic, non-absorbent and resistant to decay
  • 10 year guarantee*

Product Application

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High Grab - permanent bond

InstaLay lg

Low Grab - temporary bond


  • Denotes Preferred Application
  • *For backings with recycled content please seek advice from InstaFloor
  • ***An InstaFloor approved pre-mixed flexible grout must be used for all installations