A new approach to flooring

Driving a new approach to flooring

InstaFloor is committed to developing flooring that lessens our environmental impact. We are continually looking for new ways to create beautiful floors that use resources efficiently through recycled and renewable materials.

As part of InstaGroup we work with government organisations to help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and support the global shift to cleaner energy. We bring the same commitment into the flooring industry, developing innovative, recycled flooring solutions that save on landfill and reduce pollution and waste.

Saving Landfill and saving lives

Our innovation is contributing to healthier lives in South Africa. Find out how our commitment to recycling is helping to create jobs while supporting the prevention of issues such as disease and water pollution.

Recycling and re-using

Our flooring systems Ezy-Install and InstaLay are manufactured using recycled rubber from worn vehicle tyres, as is our gym flooring and our acoustic subfloor systems InstaCradle and EcoCradle.

Bringing flooring into the future

Developed in collaboration with technology company IOBAC, Ezy-Install revolutionises flooring installations. The dual-bond magnetic force creates a resilient, durable floor that can withstand areas of high footfall. There’s no need for wet adhesives, no costly and time-consuming subfloor preparations, no expensive treatments against moisture, and no drying time.

After a useful life, the floor covering can be lifted, uncontaminated by adhesives or compounds, and re-sited, updated for design, or easily recycled.

Durable, recyclable flooring solutions

Through our professional flooring partners Innov8Floors we can offer a range of beautiful floor coverings that echo our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Our self-adhesive acoustic underlays Ezy-Install and InstaLay team up with attractive floor coverings such as PVC-free tiles and linoleum made with linseed oil rather than polluting petro-chemicals.

In development…

We’re working on bringing energy efficient electric heating mats to market. These will use recycled materials and be suitable for use with InstaLay and Ezy-Install systems. Watch this space!

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