Madejski Stadium, Reading

InstaLay 30lg

Madjeski Stadium

United Kingdom

New carpet tile flooring was required in the corridors of the administrative offices at the Madejski Stadium, home of Reading FC. The installation used InstaLay, InstaFloor’s self-adhesive acoustic flooring underlay system.

Caversham Flooring, who undertook the installation, specified InstaLay as the project needed a carpet tile with a cushion performance. InstaLay could provide the required cushioning while allowing standard bitumen-backed carpet tiles to be used. This avoided the use of non-standard cushion-backed tiles that would have resulted in a long lead time for the project.

The InstaLay was simply loose laid over the existing sub-floor, without the need to apply a tackifier adhesive which would have contaminated the clean sub-floor. As the InstaLay release film was peeled back the carpet tiles were positioned and pressed into place on to the adhesive membrane. Installation of the new flooring was made quick, clean and easy.

High quality carpet tile flooring with good underfoot comfort and high acoustic performance was delivered in rapid time. The floor could be walked on straight away, minimising downtime in the busy office areas of Reading FC.

For guidance on installing carpet tile flooring quickly, easily and cleanly, contact InstaFloor.

Products used:

InstaLay 30lg (3mm) 
350m2 (3767 sq.ft.)

Floor finish:
Bitumen backed carpet tiles

Flooring contractor:
Caversham Flooring Co Ltd, Reading

Product Benefits:

  • Minimal sub-floor preparation saved significant time and money
  • Loose laid over existing sub-floor
  • Quick, clean installation of carpet tile flooring, with no messy wet adhesives
  • Floor could be walked on immediately
  • Good acoustic performance and underfoot comfort
  • InstaLay is hygienic and resistant to decay with low VOCs for a healthy environment
  • Provides long term stability, performance and durability
  • Made using recycled rubber crumb from worn vehicle tyres, InstaLay supports reduced environmental impact and is fully recyclable