Hope University, Liverpool

InstaSport Low Profile

Hope University

L16 9JD
United Kingdom

When Liverpool Hope University decided to build a major extension to its main sports hall, CMC Flooring was approached to provide a slim, low-profile sprung floor system that could match the height of the existing floor.

It was essential that the new floor could also offer high performance, in order to meet European professional standards. The sprung floor had to be capable of hosting major regional sporting events and national sports competitions. The InstaSport low profile system was able to meet all these specifications, delivering a high quality floor that answered a variety of needs.

The low profile sprung sub-floor is only 28mm thick and consists of special, resilient, recycled rubber pads bonded to a structural plywood layer. The system was fast to install, helping to meet the tight completion deadline. When combined with the Gerflor Sports vinyl, the result was a high performance, combined-elastic, shock absorbing floor.

This resilient sprung floor can be used for a wide range of sports, as well as non-sporting activities. The system complies with the requirements of EN 14904 and the strict criteria stipulated by many sports governing bodies, such as Sports England.

The floor is also designed to withstand the loadings from users and equipment as defined in BS 6399: Part 1.

For more details on low-profile, high performance sprung floors, contact InstaFloor for expert guidance.

Products used:

InstaSport Low Profile System

Floor finish:
Gerflor Sports Vinyl Floor

Flooring Contractor: 

CMC Flooring Ltd, St Helens

Product Benefits:

  • Slim system easily matched the existing floor
  • Complies with EN 14904
  • Suitable for all level sub-floor constructions
  • Achieves Combined-Elastic standard
  • Cost-effective, quick and easy to install
  • Complies with professional competition standards
  • High performance, long-lasting system
  • Shock absorption helps avoid injury and fatigue